The Herzig Group, Inc.
The Herzig Group Inc helps people and business in many exciting ways. We do marketing, packaging and research in travel and tourism excelling in cultural and heritage arena. Our specialties are experience marketing, imaginative tour package creation and private-sector tourism development. THG's client base includes such varied projects as the Country of Mexico, Illinois State Tourism, Olson-Travelworld Touring, Lewis & Cortland Counties, Bus companies, New York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network among myriad others.

We have assisted private sector as well as non-profit business to revitalize their own operations through the creation marketing plans and educational programming. THG has toured New York presenting workshops on customer service training and tour packaging.

We're here for you - just contact us and we will work with you to increase that ever-elusive bottom line.

Research, situation analysis, tactical strategies & market planning

Profit & Non profit association public relations & communication management

Experienced Customer Service training & techniques for groups or individuals with special emphasis on Arts, Culture and Heritage

Cooperative Tourism Training
Educational seminars and hands-on workshops for such varied topics as tour packaging, customer service training & marketing plan creation

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